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Painless Microneedle Flu Vaccine Patch Passes First Human Clinical Trial

Posted by Britt R. on

For those who are afraid of shots, prayers look to soon be answered. Earlier this week, The Lancet published the results of a phase 1 human clinical trial to administer the annual flu jab by a dissolvable microneedle patch, and the findings look promising.

Conducted by Emory University and Georgia Tech, the trial was comprised of 100 individuals between the ages of 18-49, who were randomly divided into 4 groups. These groups were: a microneedle patch containing a single dose of the influenza vaccine fluvirin given via a health-care professional, a placebo microneedle patch via a health-care professional, an intramuscular single-dose injection of fluvirin via a health-care professional, or a self-administered microneedle patch containing the single-dose of fluvirin vaccine. The small, bandage-looking patch was placed on the wrist for 20 minutes.

The trial showed the dissolvable microneedle patch to be favorable among participants and highly efficient in delivering the influenza vaccine. After 28 days from inoculation, the microneedle patch produced antibody levels comparable to those individuals in the injection group, however more trials need to be conducted to verify these results. After 6 months, no participants reported any serious side effects from the vaccine. The most common minor reaction reported was itching, redness, and tenderness among those who received the microneedle patch. In addition to minimal reactions and easy application, the dissolvable microneedle patch does not require refrigeration and can be stored up to 1 year at 40° C.

Source: Medical News Today

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