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Can the Consumption of Even a Single Alcoholic Drink Per Day Increase Breast Cancer Risks?

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While the previous findings suggesting that moderate alcohol consumption may have a positive cardiovascular benefit have helped push some non-drinkers into a one-a-day wine drinking regimen, it’s also provided rationale for many moderate alcohol consumers to continue on with having two to three drinks per day.

Although the threats to the hepatic system resulting from even a few drinks daily have always been known, a report released Tuesday by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund has resulted in a new, potentially terrifying finding for women – that any use of alcohol may contribute to an increased risk of developing breast cancer. 

Among the results of the review, researchers also revealed that vigorous exercise can lower the chance of developing breast cancer among women by up to 17% compared to non-active women,. This risk delta decreased to 10% in post-menopausal women.